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I and my dependents if any have lived inside Tulsa City limits for at least one year prior to this application. I contributed the greatest share of the family income. I cannot be claimed as a member of the household on another resident s application. OR 1. I meet the eligibility criteria for the Oklahoma Sales Tax Relief Act pursuant to 68 O. Please mail form to City of Tulsa Attn Sales Tax Rebate P. O Box 1499 Tulsa OK 74101-1499 Application for Fix Our Streets Sales Tax Rebate or drop off...
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A battle between city and countyofficials heats up and it may be up tothe voters to solve the dispute at theballot box this November 2 News reporterBrandon Richard joins us live downtownwith more on that Brandon Ross the cityand county are at odds with each otherthey both want to use the same tags thiscity to help pay for its capitalimprovements package but the county saysit needs to have money to help build anew jail conflict between the county andcity has been brewing ever since Countyofficials announced plans in July toreplace the overcrowded jail anddeteriorating Juvenile Detention Centerto pay for the projects the county wantsto collect the sales tax votersoriginally approved countywide a fewyears ago but when that tax expired thecity of Tulsa began collecting it andthe city plans to use it again this timeto help pay for its 920 million-dollarcapital improvements package CountyCommissioner Karen Keith triedconvincing tells the city councilors togive the tax back to the county or sharepart of it so the county can moveforward with its projects we must getthose dollars back in order to fix ajuvenile justice center that is I meanit's in terrible terrible shape nobodycan argue that point but counselor saidno way and criticized County officialswere coming to the table too late theproblem is that the county waited untiltwo weeks before we're supposed to voteon this to raise the issue a city'srefusal to share leaves the county withnew options those objects includecontinuing to try to compromise withcounselors waiting until the city isdone with the tax or go forward with itsown ballot initiative this Novemberwhich could mean a tax increase for mostvoters should both the city and countyinitiatives pass the city expected tofinalize its list of capital improvementprojects next week the county has untilnext month to collect 17 thousandsignatures for its ballot initiativelive in downtown Brandon Richard toNewsWorks for you